Pirates Log 259= Vintage polo ralph Lauren cp-93 hat + transformer 3 concept art


here we have a vintage cap you don’t see everyday


here we have some more transformer 3 art concept

Pirates Log 251= Troy Ave NY Bricks skullys + Bead art luigi+ Transformer art+tAz Arnold:: FREAKY BITCH mu$ic video from ‘rAd America’ lp


Troy Ave skullys cop his new mixtape june 12

heres some more bead art mario bro number 2

some more transformer concept art. iron-hide

some new music from my bro taz Arnold cop that rad America mix-tape  out now



Pirates Log 250= Marvel galactus tee + Dwight gooden rookie card (mets)+ Daredevil 175 +Transformer art


Marvel for the summer.

throwback from my childhood.

frank miller at his best

more art from the robots

Pirates Log 249= Vintage polo ralph lauren bear hoodie+ Transformer concept art ironhide+TROY AVE COKeAMANiA [video] ft AVON BLOCKSDALE BRICKS IN MY BACKPACK 3

Vintage hoodie for the people who care. polo bear

Heres ironhide from the newest transformers series.

Troy ave got a winner right here. coke hogan! powder!!!!!!

Pirates Log 248= Vintage polo ralph lauren bear tee shirt+ Avengers 1 billion+ Mega man bead art

Great summer piece. nothing like an bear.

1 billion in 19 days congrats to the avengers.

mega man bead art. cool piece


Pirates log 246= Vintage North face extreme jacket+ Vintage polo usa hockey jersey+ Transformer concept art snarl

Nice North face jacket

Vintage polo cool jersey

upcoming transformer video game. going to be awesome.



Pirates Log 245= surpreme Kate moss tee shirt+ New rauf weil brand hat+ Transformer art

I don’t rock supreme on the reg but this tee-shirt rocks

New rauf Weil brand hats dope hat

Transformer calender 2013.


Pirates Log 244= Vintage Laura Bugatti Sunglasses+Sprayground bookbags+Transfromer art

peep the vintage nice looks

cool bags for you and your kids! sprayground

beast wars! epic!


Pirates Log 243= Vintage sihouette sunglasses+X-men 27+Amazing spiderman 666 tates comics exculsive+Transformer G1 comic art

These are great glasses. get some

take 2

amazing spiderman 666 and xmen 27 bros….

og transformer art holy shit mother of gawd!

Pirates Log 242= Vintage Todd one jacket+ Michael Jordan upper deck card+ Transformers prime

Vintage Todd one. yikes!

Michael Jordan upper deck remember

transformers prime roll out!