Pirates Log 249= Vintage polo ralph lauren bear hoodie+ Transformer concept art ironhide+TROY AVE COKeAMANiA [video] ft AVON BLOCKSDALE BRICKS IN MY BACKPACK 3


Vintage hoodie for the people who care. polo bear

Heres ironhide from the newest transformers series.

Troy ave got a winner right here. coke hogan! powder!!!!!!

Pirates Log 244= Vintage Laura Bugatti Sunglasses+Sprayground bookbags+Transfromer art


peep the vintage nice looks

cool bags for you and your kids! sprayground

beast wars! epic!


Pirates Log 242= Vintage Todd one jacket+ Michael Jordan upper deck card+ Transformers prime


Vintage Todd one. yikes!

Michael Jordan upper deck remember

transformers prime roll out!


Pirates Log 241= Vintage North Face Jacket+ Kenneth cole boots+ Transformers concept art

Vintage North face….. great color way….

the back

heres some dope Kenneth Cole boots

transformers concept art from the upcoming fall of cybertron game




Pirates Log 240= Darth vader star wars hoodie+ Vintage ralph lauren knit vest+ Transformers art

may the force be with you fam……………….lol

heres a vintage vest from the good people at ralph lauren

optimus prime in battle mode

Pirates Log 239= MCM pants+ Vintage polo ralph lauren shirt+Spiderman hoodie+ Transformer art

McM pants very rare and different

heres a polo shirt you don’t see everyday.

thank you marvel

more art from the robots known as transformers

Pirates Log 236= Amazing spiderman 250+ Amazing Spiderman giant size annual 21+Just blaze supra+g1 megatron+autobot grapple+transformer art

who remember these when they came out? flashback!

thank you just blaze! these are the limited edition supras that he created along with them. a great pair of shoes!

heres a g1 megatron. thank you just blaze yet again! ha!

another goodie autobot grapple

heres some more art transformer style

siren more than meets the eye!

Pirates Log 235= Scottie Pippen rookie card+The Amazing spiderman 252+STS – Something About You (GOLD Rush) (Kavinsky – Nightcall FLIP) +Transformer art

Always wanted this rookie card.

spiderman fans know whats up with this issue!

the gold rush is coming check out sts is gold!

more art from more than meets the eye.


Pirates Log 232= Ti$a tee shirt+YSL denim vest+ Transformer 3 Concept art

More Ti$a from my left coast comrades

ysl at its best.

transformer 3 art.

Pirates Log 231= Ti$a snapback hats knicks, raiders, red wings + transformer 3 concept art+Ultimate Optimus prime

More Ti$a snapback hats from the good folks at ti$a


more transformer 3 concept art

ultimate optimus prime ready for display.