Pirates Log 257= Comme des Garcons shirt+ Meyhem Lauren – Fingerless Driving Gloves – Official Video+ Transformer 3 concept art


Great button-up for any day or event


heres the inside pockets too.


here is a new video from meyhem lauren  fingerless driving gloves.

heres some art from transfromers 3

Pirates log 256= Vintage Moschino jeans knit+ suicide Cobain + transformer 3 concept art


for the winter months, cool knit to have

heres a very talented bro who drew up this painting. his name is leo but his art speaks volumes. check out suicide cobain and when you get a chance check out his other sites for more visual trips.  www.cleofusart.com  or www.timothyhemingway.com

here we have some more concept art from transformer 3  optimus prime wip

Pirates Log 255= Brooklyn basements alpine hat+jade zeller+ transformer art


One of the best brooklyn basements hats produced and hard to find these days.

And now i want yall to say hi to model jade zeller. One of my ultra talented friends. Me and jade are going to do a project in the near future where she is going to model in vintage clothing. i wont let the cat out of the bag but its going to be great.  you can see jades new work and keep up with her on jadezeller,tumblr.com heres a sample of whats to come.

more jade!

 stay tuned

this is some great art from the rid. autobots


Pirates Log 253=PLNDR + Mel D Cole Tee & Tank Collab+transformer art+The Return of Monogram the 6th Skinout mArLoN m. wILLIs AnD tHe SkInOuTs

heres some new tees from the bro mel d cole. very fresh very limited.

shirt number2

transformer art

heres something from marlon m willis. welcome back










Pirates log 252=New Rauf Weil brand hat +Transformer art +MEYHEM LAUREN “SPECIAL EFFECTS” FEATURING ACTION BRONSON AND HEEMS

New Rauf Weil colorway sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a transformer mosaic!

respect the fly shit. new video from my bro meyhem lauren

Pirates Log 251= Troy Ave NY Bricks skullys + Bead art luigi+ Transformer art+tAz Arnold:: FREAKY BITCH mu$ic video from ‘rAd America’ lp

Troy Ave skullys cop his new mixtape june 12

heres some more bead art mario bro number 2

some more transformer concept art. iron-hide

some new music from my bro taz Arnold cop that rad America mix-tape  out now



Pirates Log 250= Marvel galactus tee + Dwight gooden rookie card (mets)+ Daredevil 175 +Transformer art

Marvel for the summer.

throwback from my childhood.

frank miller at his best

more art from the robots

Pirates Log 249= Vintage polo ralph lauren bear hoodie+ Transformer concept art ironhide+TROY AVE COKeAMANiA [video] ft AVON BLOCKSDALE BRICKS IN MY BACKPACK 3

Vintage hoodie for the people who care. polo bear

Heres ironhide from the newest transformers series.

Troy ave got a winner right here. coke hogan! powder!!!!!!

Pirates Log 248= Vintage polo ralph lauren bear tee shirt+ Avengers 1 billion+ Mega man bead art

Great summer piece. nothing like an bear.

1 billion in 19 days congrats to the avengers.

mega man bead art. cool piece


Pirates log 247= new bead art bonk+ avengers art+wale concert hunter college nyc+ Transformer art

i will be wearing bonk from bonks adventure all summer. bead art

207 million in the us this weekend avengers assemble!

if u in nyc this weekend check out wale at hunter college. i may be in the house ha!

run optimus, run optimus lol