Pirates Log 306 = Calvin Johnson Megatron Beanie Nike+ Transformer Art+ Robocop 2014 Movie poster


Show no Mercy



More Fresh Art



Robocop Coming soon!




Pirates Log 292= Vintage Ralph Lauren Blackwatch tee shirt+Calvin johnson Megatron rises nike sneakers+Transformer art


Old Goods



Calvin Johnson and Nike team up for Megatron Related sneakers. November 26 2013. Megatron Rises



More new art from the rid!




Pirates Log 254= beavis and butthead tee shirt+supreme north face collaboration jacket+ transformer art


Great tee shirt for the summer

here is one of the supreme north face collaboration jackets. credit ulysses pizarro for the fresh addition

bumblebee down, bumblebee down


Pirates Log 251= Troy Ave NY Bricks skullys + Bead art luigi+ Transformer art+tAz Arnold:: FREAKY BITCH mu$ic video from ‘rAd America’ lp

Troy Ave skullys cop his new mixtape june 12

heres some more bead art mario bro number 2

some more transformer concept art. iron-hide

some new music from my bro taz Arnold cop that rad America mix-tape  out now



Pirates Log 250= Marvel galactus tee + Dwight gooden rookie card (mets)+ Daredevil 175 +Transformer art

Marvel for the summer.

throwback from my childhood.

frank miller at his best

more art from the robots

Pirates Log 249= Vintage polo ralph lauren bear hoodie+ Transformer concept art ironhide+TROY AVE COKeAMANiA [video] ft AVON BLOCKSDALE BRICKS IN MY BACKPACK 3

Vintage hoodie for the people who care. polo bear

Heres ironhide from the newest transformers series.

Troy ave got a winner right here. coke hogan! powder!!!!!!

Pirates Log 248= Vintage polo ralph lauren bear tee shirt+ Avengers 1 billion+ Mega man bead art

Great summer piece. nothing like an bear.

1 billion in 19 days congrats to the avengers.

mega man bead art. cool piece


Pirates log 247= new bead art bonk+ avengers art+wale concert hunter college nyc+ Transformer art

i will be wearing bonk from bonks adventure all summer. bead art

207 million in the us this weekend avengers assemble!

if u in nyc this weekend check out wale at hunter college. i may be in the house ha!

run optimus, run optimus lol

Pirates Log 245= surpreme Kate moss tee shirt+ New rauf weil brand hat+ Transformer art

I don’t rock supreme on the reg but this tee-shirt rocks

New rauf Weil brand hats dope hat

Transformer calender 2013.


Pirates Log 244= Vintage Laura Bugatti Sunglasses+Sprayground bookbags+Transfromer art

peep the vintage nice looks

cool bags for you and your kids! sprayground

beast wars! epic!