Pirates log 256= Vintage Moschino jeans knit+ suicide Cobain + transformer 3 concept art


for the winter months, cool knit to have

heres a very talented bro who drew up this painting. his name is leo but his art speaks volumes. check out suicide cobain and when you get a chance check out his other sites for more visual trips.  www.cleofusart.com  or www.timothyhemingway.com

here we have some more concept art from transformer 3  optimus prime wip

Pirates Log 254= beavis and butthead tee shirt+supreme north face collaboration jacket+ transformer art


Great tee shirt for the summer

here is one of the supreme north face collaboration jackets. credit ulysses pizarro for the fresh addition

bumblebee down, bumblebee down


Pirates Log 253=PLNDR + Mel D Cole Tee & Tank Collab+transformer art+The Return of Monogram the 6th Skinout mArLoN m. wILLIs AnD tHe SkInOuTs


heres some new tees from the bro mel d cole. very fresh very limited.

shirt number2

transformer art

heres something from marlon m willis. welcome back










Pirates Log 241= Vintage North Face Jacket+ Kenneth cole boots+ Transformers concept art

Vintage North face….. great color way….

the back

heres some dope Kenneth Cole boots

transformers concept art from the upcoming fall of cybertron game




Pirates Log 236= Amazing spiderman 250+ Amazing Spiderman giant size annual 21+Just blaze supra+g1 megatron+autobot grapple+transformer art

who remember these when they came out? flashback!

thank you just blaze! these are the limited edition supras that he created along with them. a great pair of shoes!

heres a g1 megatron. thank you just blaze yet again! ha!

another goodie autobot grapple

heres some more art transformer style

siren more than meets the eye!

Pirates Log 230= Ti$a levi denim jacket+Ti$a snapback raiders +transformer 3 concept art

Time for those denim jackets

Los angeles raiders snapback hat Ti$a



transformer 3 concept art .

Pirates Log 229= Vintage P-wing shirts+ Rauf weil brand hats snapback + transformers 3 concept art

More p-wing nonsense, its been awhile…….

heres some snapback hats i came across while in the city.  simple but dope.  The rauf weil brand hats can be purchased at the eight bit and up store on 35 saint marks place on the corner of second avenue and eight. 10.00 bucks.

more concept art from transformers 3


Pirates log 227= Phenomenon x TI$A + Transformers three concept art

these are hard to find

heres some new tf3 art

Pirates log 226= Vintage Moschino pants (baseball print)+ Vintage Descente windbreaker+ Transformer concept art

Pants you dont see everyday.

remember descente was right there with north face at one point.

some more transformer art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pirates Log 224= Ti$a snapback hats (phoenix suns vancouver grizziles)+Vintage mcm bag+Transformer 3 art

Some more hats from ti$a.

heres a vintage mcm bag in a white and black colorway.

heres some video game artwork from the transformers 3 game.