Pirates Log 248= Vintage polo ralph lauren bear tee shirt+ Avengers 1 billion+ Mega man bead art


Great summer piece. nothing like an bear.

1 billion in 19 days congrats to the avengers.

mega man bead art. cool piece


Pirates Log 244= Vintage Laura Bugatti Sunglasses+Sprayground bookbags+Transfromer art


peep the vintage nice looks

cool bags for you and your kids! sprayground

beast wars! epic!


Pirates Log 235= Scottie Pippen rookie card+The Amazing spiderman 252+STS – Something About You (GOLD Rush) (Kavinsky – Nightcall FLIP) +Transformer art


Always wanted this rookie card.

spiderman fans know whats up with this issue!

the gold rush is coming check out sts is gold!

more art from more than meets the eye.


Pirates Log 230= Ti$a levi denim jacket+Ti$a snapback raiders +transformer 3 concept art

Time for those denim jackets

Los angeles raiders snapback hat Ti$a



transformer 3 concept art .

Pirates Log 229= Vintage P-wing shirts+ Rauf weil brand hats snapback + transformers 3 concept art

More p-wing nonsense, its been awhile…….

heres some snapback hats i came across while in the city.  simple but dope.  The rauf weil brand hats can be purchased at the eight bit and up store on 35 saint marks place on the corner of second avenue and eight. 10.00 bucks.

more concept art from transformers 3


Pirates Log 223= MCM bookbag + Transformer 3 comic art + First Choice – doctor love (1977)

another mcm item for display.

heres a comic pic of shockwave black and white.

doctor love classic house tune.




Pirates Log 222= Omega men 3+ Amazing spiderman 238+ Lebron basketball cards + transformer art

Omega men 3 is the first appearance of lobo while amazing spiderman 238 is the first appearance of Hobogoblin (ned leeds)

here is the hated lebron james lol

some more transformer art.

Pirates Log 221= Supra sneakers+dita frames+Transformer art

Very comfortable sneakers.

dope pair of dita sunglasses check out their website http://www.ditalegends.com/?affId=98993&gclid=COu8ve-fzKkCFcLe4AodygOdOA

heres some more transformer art enjoy