Pirates Log 329 = Vintage RLX Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt + Jade Zeller/ David Atlas Photoshoot + Transformer Art




Jade Zeller/Tony Atlas 2014


New Transformer Art





Pirates Log 309 = Polo Ralph Lauren Indian Button-up + Transformer Art


Remake but a good remake



art piece




Pirates Log 293= Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren+ Transformer Art





Transformers for your viewing pleasure.




Pirates Log 285= BMW hat + upcoming gijoe/transformer crossover comic art

Simple cool hat. that is all



here is a preview of the upcoming transformer/gijoe crossover event coming this summer




Pirates Log 271 = Vintage Benetton knit + Marvel Captain america and thor movie posters+ Transformers art

Benetton don material.



here are the comic con movie posters for the upcoming thor and captain america movies. boom!






here is some more transformer art


Pirates Log 258= Limited edition bloodstain lane tee-shirt+transformer 3 concept art+ MEYHEM LAUREN featuring SEAN PRICE – ‘GROWN MAN PALETTES’

Youtube and online personality bloodstain lane has a new series of limited edition tee-shirts out on the market. This shirt is limited to 100 pieces and can be purchased at www.shownolove.ca







here we have some art from the transformers 3 movie concept wip stuff

heres another cool video from meyhem laurens respect the fly shit project featuring my bro sean price.

Pirates Log 257= Comme des Garcons shirt+ Meyhem Lauren – Fingerless Driving Gloves – Official Video+ Transformer 3 concept art

Great button-up for any day or event


heres the inside pockets too.


here is a new video from meyhem lauren  fingerless driving gloves.

heres some art from transfromers 3

Pirates log 256= Vintage Moschino jeans knit+ suicide Cobain + transformer 3 concept art

for the winter months, cool knit to have

heres a very talented bro who drew up this painting. his name is leo but his art speaks volumes. check out suicide cobain and when you get a chance check out his other sites for more visual trips.  www.cleofusart.com  or www.timothyhemingway.com

here we have some more concept art from transformer 3  optimus prime wip

Pirates Log 255= Brooklyn basements alpine hat+jade zeller+ transformer art

One of the best brooklyn basements hats produced and hard to find these days.

And now i want yall to say hi to model jade zeller. One of my ultra talented friends. Me and jade are going to do a project in the near future where she is going to model in vintage clothing. i wont let the cat out of the bag but its going to be great.  you can see jades new work and keep up with her on jadezeller,tumblr.com heres a sample of whats to come.

more jade!

 stay tuned

this is some great art from the rid. autobots


Pirates Log 254= beavis and butthead tee shirt+supreme north face collaboration jacket+ transformer art

Great tee shirt for the summer

here is one of the supreme north face collaboration jackets. credit ulysses pizarro for the fresh addition

bumblebee down, bumblebee down