Pirates Log 403 = Polo Script items + Vintage Polo + Michelle Waggoner Photography


Polo script


More Mich Dawn



Pirates Log 352 = Tisa Bear Denim Jacket +Cynthia Dos Santos Photography + Transformers Concept Art


Tisa remix on the Ralph Lauren Bear.


Heres some more pics from Cynthia dos santos she has a new project coming soon.






heres some Transformer Art






Pirates Log 266=Vintage Ralph Lauren Ski jacket+Vintage G.I.Joe shipwreck

respect the ghost ski

Heres something you dont see everyday shipwreck
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Pirates Log 243= Vintage sihouette sunglasses+X-men 27+Amazing spiderman 666 tates comics exculsive+Transformer G1 comic art

These are great glasses. get some

take 2

amazing spiderman 666 and xmen 27 bros….

og transformer art holy shit mother of gawd!

Pirates Log 239= MCM pants+ Vintage polo ralph lauren shirt+Spiderman hoodie+ Transformer art

McM pants very rare and different

heres a polo shirt you don’t see everyday.

thank you marvel

more art from the robots known as transformers

Pirates Log 236= Amazing spiderman 250+ Amazing Spiderman giant size annual 21+Just blaze supra+g1 megatron+autobot grapple+transformer art

who remember these when they came out? flashback!

thank you just blaze! these are the limited edition supras that he created along with them. a great pair of shoes!

heres a g1 megatron. thank you just blaze yet again! ha!

another goodie autobot grapple

heres some more art transformer style

siren more than meets the eye!

Pirates Log 234= Vintage Christian dior ostrich leather pants+ Adidas jacket+ Transformers 1 comic

These pants are sick

christian dior

all time favorite all day i dream about sex! circa korn.


transformer 1 classic comic cover

roll out!

Pirates Log 233= Vintage Christian dior jacket+Vintage Used jeans+Transformer art+cowboy boots

Dope jacket courtesy of Christian

who remembers used  jeans?

Transformer art anyone?

west coast dope cowboy boots!


Pirates log 227= Phenomenon x TI$A + Transformers three concept art

these are hard to find

heres some new tf3 art

Pirates Log 219= MCM snapback hats + Transformer art.

McM snapback heaven. no checklist needed.

heres some more transformer art.