Pirates Log 136= 15 things you shouldnt wear at work.


Thought this was an interesting article about what to wear at work. OR i should say what people say is the right and wrong thing to do. so many experts i guess…..lol

Here are 15 things that are never a good idea:

1. Underwear as outerwear. Camisoles or visible bra straps and lingerie scream “eek!” not “chic!”

2. Workout gear. Save your muscle shirts and spandex for the gym.

3. Soiled, stained or rumpled clothing. Neatness counts. Better to wear less expensive clothing that is immaculately cleaned and pressed than to sport designer grunge.

4. Shorts. Whether of the Bermuda or Daisy Duke variety, wearing shorts to work is just plain wrong.

5. Tattoos. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie have made tattoos seem almost mainstream, but many people are still put off by them. Best to keep yours under wraps or disguised with a heavy spray-on makeup made expressly to conceal tattoos.

6. Extreme hair color. Natural looking highlights are fine, but never dye your hair blue, magenta or other colors not found in nature.

7. Too much cologne. A strong scent is a turnoff to most people. Best to forgo fragrance and opt for the clean smell of soap.  


8. Long, fake or wild-colored nails. Keep your nails short and neat. Avoid nail decals, black polish or “Elvira” length nails.

9. Grungy beards. In general, most companies prefer clean-shaven men to, say, ZZ Top. If you just can’t part with your facial hair, at least keep it neatly trimmed. (And for gosh-sakes check in the mirror after eating that powder-sugared doughnut!)

10. Micro-miniskirts. Make sure there is no more than three or four inches between knee and hem. You want to be able to sit without giving a peep show.

11. Overly revealing attire. Too little is too much. Breasts, back and arms should be covered. Avoid overly snug fits by making sure there is at least one inch of room between body and fabric.

12. Athletic socks with street shoes. Men, the devil’s in the details. People notice these things!

13. Body piercings. Studies show that most people view body jewelry as unprofessional and that people with multiple piercings are less likely to be hired or promoted.

14. Bare midriff. Make sure there is at least one inch of room between body and fabric and that your shirt is long enough to conceal your midriff. Let your clothes show off your good taste — not your six-pack abs.

15. Low-rise pants. “Plumber’s crack” is not acceptable anywhere. Period. Finally, as a rule of thumb: If you have any doubt whether something you have on is appropriate — go back and change.

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