Pirates Log 109=Pirate ur a optionated bastard+Revenge of the fallen concept art+Pyramad song


I am learning that when giving advice sometimes people take it the wrong way. Now since we live in a world where is greatly based on opinions this is something that can happen.  Just when you think you are doing something for the greater good, the person can think you are talking down to them or trying to tell them what to do. All in all sometimes its much better to listen and chime in rather than state your overall opinion i guess.  Im not better than anyone but ive been through the lies false promises and everything else that goes bump in the night. Sometimes when you try to let some see that doesn’t go that way.  So take it from me peeps don’t go near the  deep water swim near the water you can handle because often times you will drown and not be heard of ever again. get my drift.

Now back to some art here is some more art from the recent revenge of the  fallen movie.

24Harvester construction

and last but not least here is a song that best tells the story of this post. Houses are built and houses are destroyed can you see through the construction or will you be blinded by your own glass windows. peace. Radio head pyramid song



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