Pirates Log 105= Flygirl flies away+New Mutants 99+P-wings+The yankees win for the 40th time.


Cant be mad it was fun wish some things were more straight forward. Wish the best for everyone because no one needs bad karma in their life. Be the person you visualize yourself as and never sell yourself short. Peace.

We do not understand:
Joy…..until we face sorrow
Faith…..until it is tested
Peace….until faced with conflict
Trust….until we are betrayed
Love…until it is lost
Hope…until confronted with doubts

enough of the melodrama now to some cool stuff, here is new mutants 99 great cover if u ask me.

DSC00886 New mutants 99

And here is a white p-wing shirt i came across. for visual purposes i added the blue counter part to have both of them in the same pic. The p-wing line is one of the best lines Ralph Lauren came out with. It’s really a deep line you just have to search for the items instead of looking for the p-wings that EVERY collector has.

DSC00884 short-sleeved p-wings

And last but not least everyone knows im a Yankee fan and no Yankee fan with a blog is not going to have the last pitch to clinch the al pennant. I pick my team to win in six games. let’s go Yankees. peace.



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