Pirates Log 100= Tokyo beer tour+ A few words.


Well i finally made it to the 100 post. I never realized how good it is to keep a blog going. It’s almost like an account of the daily going ons. So far so good. My blog has been viewed 4,730 times since i started it. Thats good enough for me. Life isn’t perfect but its good enough for me. Im still in school, i don’t see my kids like i want to but im doing my best to keep it all together.  You see people for what they really are when you look at them from afar. I saw my son ride a bike without his training wheels and it put alot of things in perspective for me. happiness for me is not being with a particular person or doing something happiness for me is accomplishing a goal set by you the person. People come into your life and sometimes hold you back but in the end when you get to your goal everything that you want is there. Girls, money, it all goes hand in hand. Never stress a girl because in the end whether you like it or not you can get another one.  We are too much into this forever nonsense. Enjoy things for the moment.  Enjoy the company of a friend, enjoy the laughter of your kids, enjoy the everyday hustle of life.  Find happiness in yourself rather than a person. Ok enough of this stuff. One of my peeps is doing it big in Tokyo. He collected all of the beer wrappers in Tokyo thus creating the Tokyo beer tour. great concept. if you want more info on him check out at http://www.myspace.com/lamanofria

DSC00828 Tokyo beer tour













DSC00840 Tokyo beer tour

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