Pirates Log 106 Happy Holloween+Prince of Darkness.


Well im actually going to the west coast for a little while and wont be on my blog for a while but before i leave im going to ring in halloween with one of my favorite horror movies 1987 religious horror from John Carpenter Prince of darkness. enjoy and have a safe Halloween peeps.

Pirates Log 105= Flygirl flies away+New Mutants 99+P-wings+The yankees win for the 40th time.


Cant be mad it was fun wish some things were more straight forward. Wish the best for everyone because no one needs bad karma in their life. Be the person you visualize yourself as and never sell yourself short. Peace.

We do not understand:
Joy…..until we face sorrow
Faith…..until it is tested
Peace….until faced with conflict
Trust….until we are betrayed
Love…until it is lost
Hope…until confronted with doubts

enough of the melodrama now to some cool stuff, here is new mutants 99 great cover if u ask me.

DSC00886 New mutants 99

And here is a white p-wing shirt i came across. for visual purposes i added the blue counter part to have both of them in the same pic. The p-wing line is one of the best lines Ralph Lauren came out with. It’s really a deep line you just have to search for the items instead of looking for the p-wings that EVERY collector has.

DSC00884 short-sleeved p-wings

And last but not least everyone knows im a Yankee fan and no Yankee fan with a blog is not going to have the last pitch to clinch the al pennant. I pick my team to win in six games. let’s go Yankees. peace.



Pirates Log 104= Revenge of the fallen concept art+Transformer art+Dolemite vs. Big Daddy Kane


Here is some more art from revenge of the fallen. cool stuff.

081708_D_CRASHEDSHIP_JN_GH crashed ship

Here is some cool transformer art


and but not least here is dolemite vs. big daddy kane very funny peace.

Pirates Log 103= Revenge of the fallen concept art+advice+Gang Starr – Speak Ya Clout

More concept art from the film.

080129_D_ARCINTERIOR2_JN The long walk home

Its up to you to clarify

lucky numbers


And here is some classic hip-hop to digest. have a great week friendly unit shifters.

Pirates Log 102= New comic imports from florida+Tupac – If My Homies Call

Here are the new comic pickups from the Florida trip.

DSC00880 Web of spider man 1

DSC00881 X-men 268

DSC00882 Amazing spider man 375

Here is another song from when i was younger. If my homie calls from tupac.

Pirates Log 101= Earth 2 Comics + Jay Z Commercial

This is a dope comic store that i visited while i was in Florida earth 2 comics. They have an impressive selection of books and toys to choose from. If you are in the fort Lauderdale area check them out.

DSC00871 Comic store info

DSC00853 welcome

DSC00850 Toys

DSC00852 Toys

DSC00849 comics

and here is the new jay-z commercial from rhapsody 11 number one albums thats crazy.

Pirates Log 100= Tokyo beer tour+ A few words.

Well i finally made it to the 100 post. I never realized how good it is to keep a blog going. It’s almost like an account of the daily going ons. So far so good. My blog has been viewed 4,730 times since i started it. Thats good enough for me. Life isn’t perfect but its good enough for me. Im still in school, i don’t see my kids like i want to but im doing my best to keep it all together.  You see people for what they really are when you look at them from afar. I saw my son ride a bike without his training wheels and it put alot of things in perspective for me. happiness for me is not being with a particular person or doing something happiness for me is accomplishing a goal set by you the person. People come into your life and sometimes hold you back but in the end when you get to your goal everything that you want is there. Girls, money, it all goes hand in hand. Never stress a girl because in the end whether you like it or not you can get another one.  We are too much into this forever nonsense. Enjoy things for the moment.  Enjoy the company of a friend, enjoy the laughter of your kids, enjoy the everyday hustle of life.  Find happiness in yourself rather than a person. Ok enough of this stuff. One of my peeps is doing it big in Tokyo. He collected all of the beer wrappers in Tokyo thus creating the Tokyo beer tour. great concept. if you want more info on him check out at http://www.myspace.com/lamanofria

DSC00828 Tokyo beer tour












DSC00840 Tokyo beer tour

Pirates Log 99=Trip to fort lauderdale 10/7/2009-10/11/2009+Crookers – Embrace The Martian feat. Kid Cudi

I had alot of fun in Florida for the five days i was there.  Took care of some business and did alot of partying. I advise everybody to go down there the party scene is crazy. here are some of the random pics i took while i was there.

DSC00823 sandwich from florida

DSC00824 The hotel

DSC00825 More hotels

DSC00826 The mall

DSC00858 Blue water

DSC00862 Fish out of water

DSC00866 Postcard pirate

DSC00879 Hello Goodbye

and last but not least here is some music to get you through. peace embrace this song please..lol

Pirates Log 98=Sound of the zeekers+Revenge of the fallen concept art+Quote.

Lack of money isn’t the biggest obstacle,, lack of ideas, and faith is

This is a great song from leaders of the new school. Sound of the zeekers.

Here is some more art form revenge of the fallen. The DVD and blue ray comes out October 20.  peace.

080228_D_HARVESTERINTERIOR_JN Harvester device from the movie.

Pirates Log 97=New BrooklynBasement hats on sale+comic additions+Vlade Divac+cant keep running away.

First off the bat is the new hats from brooklyn basements that are on sale now. They retail for $60.00 a piece but if you buy both colorways you can get them both for a $100.oo. They come in a red/blue and a blue red colorway. email bklynkid87@aol if you are interested in obtaining them. limited product run.

DSC00815 new brooklyn basement hats

And here are some new additions to the comic collection

DSC00818 Skaar son of hulk 12

DSC00819Hulk 17

DSC00820 New Mutants 97

And here is my latest basketball card. remember Vlade Divac when he played on the lakers?

DSC00817 Vlade Divac 2007-08 chronology

and last but not least here is a song from the pharcyde called running. life imitates art all the time if you know what i mean.