Pirates Log 88=Fendi Hat+Jason Kidd+Derek Jeter+Blackest Knight+Captain America+Black Mozart


More goodies to feast your eyes on. First off to bat is my newest fendi pickup. They make some of the best accessories period.

DSC00797 Fendi hat

Now since that is over with let’s get back into cards shall we? here is Jason kidds rookie card before he had all of those triple doubles

DSC00799 Jason Kidd 1995 RC

And next is one of Derek jeters rookie cards. Ive watched him since he came up and he hasnt disappointed. Get his cards now while they are at a good price. because as he gets closer to his hall of fame status his card is going to skyrocket.


DSC00800 Derek Jeter 1995

And next is blackest night 3. great story and artwork if you are into comics get into this story. its awesome peeps.

DSC00801 Blackest Night 3

And here is a captain america comic from the reborn series. This is my first issue so i will have to get more information on this one.

DSC00802 Captain America reborn 3

And if you havent heard only built for cuban lynx 2 please do so.  Here is one of my favorite songs Black Mozart.

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