Pirates Log 84= Wonder Wheel+Megatron concept art+Portishead – Cowboys


Remember the wonder wheel peeps…..

5848_100585506622040_100000117727225_14892_6394045_n Rebel and Pirate starring the wonder wheel.

5848_100585509955373_100000117727225_14893_1977843_n Rebel and Pirate starring the wonder wheel

And here is yet another concept image of megatron. For all you transformer haters the movie has  made 400 million domestically as well as 400 million overseas dam that’s alot of bank……cheers.

080931_Megatron_Pose05_JN2 800 million dollar decepticon megatron.

And last but not least karma is starting to affect people that i know. People that intend to manipulate situations will never come out on top.  Regret is such a fucked up thing to have, too bad i have none. But listen to this song i practically listened to everyday for a long time and listen to the lyrics. The deal is done. peace.

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