Pirates Log 83= DMC of Run-Dmc


I had the opportunity to meet one of the pioneers of the entire hip-hop game Dmc of run-dmc. We talked about how kids these days dont know that tapes and 8 tracks even existed. The download and cd are the norm now.  And we also talked about the art of getting a record deal which is not as easy as it was back in the day.  We even got on the subject of rock and roll, nirvana my favorite band ever. Very cool dude.

DSC00786 Dmc of Run-Dmc and Pirate

and here is one of my favorite Run-Dmc songs Peter Piper

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  1. Theres no creativity in rap these days. Rap songs are about stupid shit so i think im gonna rap about my pink underwear. lol
    Why the hell not?

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