Pirates Log 94= Banana + The real meaning of loving life.


You cannot make someone love you. You can only make yourself someone who can be loved.

sanna Banana.

Pirates Log 93 Temptation + Becasue the night 10,000 maniacs.


Temptation is something we all have to battle from time to time. Whether you have that one special person or not we tend to want other things while we have something stable. I have fell victim to this as well as many others in my circle. The thing i learned from all of my excursions is that most of the time these things cloud your judgment on your significant other, or it helps you to see that you want to be in another situation. But warning when you do make this choice dont look back because the person you left is never the same and no matter what they tell you they will always hold a grudge against you. Human nature i guess.  Big thanks to my homegirl e-lo for using these pics. peace.

l_05e1274602744f02bdf7e3f43d9b143a Temptation part 1

l_2f1d2ab35ecf48f7866dddc205888d8b Temptation part 2

l_148aedbc556d4da89074b8c4a75bb3d5 Temptation part 3

by Charlette Nyce

Seconds pass by,
seems like infinity.

Relaxing thoughts,
I enjoy the tranquility.

Faith has been restored,
just in time for deception.

A dance with the devil,
at his reception.

At first, I respectfully decline
knowing well his ways of temptation.

He urges me to come forth,
to embrace his manipulation.

I struggle inside,
with good and bad.


I’m stronger than this,
how pitiful I am, how sad.

But, wanting and needing
I feel my own heart bleeding.

Desires of the flesh manipulating my mind,
knowing this is his power to win my kind.

I give in to what feels so right,
the devil is now just an oversight.

Moment of truth, my decisions were wrong,
my punishment will be harsh and strong.

Slapped with reality,
not knowing the vitality.

Hungry regrets,
as I laid down his bets.

suffocated by silence,
fear is within.

Wanting to cry,
not knowing how.

The Devil subsides,
he wants me to bow.

And now on another note here is a song i listened to when i was alot younger because the night by 10,000 maniacs. great song enjoy peeps.

Pirates Log 92 Tummy check + Friends Forever.

This is a wonderful visual i must say……..

New Image EYE Candy


I accept you in confidence

I listen and admire your wisdom

we are one when we are together

you and i will always be friends

when you are angry

I am there to sooth your aggression

when you are sad

I am there to cheer you up.

We understand each other thoughts

words with us are not needed

we have a trust that is very rare

you and i will always be friends

what we enjoy doing together comes natural

we accept life and move ahead

I am your shadow and you mine

we are inseparable if only in mind.

Pirates Log 91= funniest mike tyson moments+Revenge of the fallen concept art+Wize crack new single crack city

Here is the man Mike Tyson dropping some knowledge. Dam i didnt realize how funny he is. jeez. peace iron mike.

and here is another picture of the fallen from the summers number one movie in the united states.

081020_Fallen_Pose01_JN_print The Fallen

And here is the  newest single from my boy wize crack called crack city. enjoy peace.

Pirates log 90=The Fallen concept art+Derek Jeter yankee hit king.

Here is some more concept art of the fallen Revenge of the fallen.

081024_Fallen_Pose08_JN The Fallen

And since im a big Derek jeter fan and an even bigger Yankee fan lets relive when he broke the yankee hit record which stood for 72 years. Nice indeed.

Pirates Log 89= POLOUSA+KupG1+ AL leiter+Jetfire concept art.

Here is a hoody from the polo usa line. This is my first time actually seeingthis piece. Pretty dope indeed.

DSC00812 Polo usa hoody

And here is my latest g1 pickup the autobot kup

DSC00809 Kup G1

And i know everyone remembers al leiter? he actually pitched for the mets when they faced the Yankees in the world series we know what happened after that..lol

DSC00810 Al Liter RC

And last but not least here is some more concept art from revenge of the fallen. heres jetfire.

081013_Jetfire_Pose9_JN-print Jetfire



Pirates Log 88=Fendi Hat+Jason Kidd+Derek Jeter+Blackest Knight+Captain America+Black Mozart

More goodies to feast your eyes on. First off to bat is my newest fendi pickup. They make some of the best accessories period.

DSC00797 Fendi hat

Now since that is over with let’s get back into cards shall we? here is Jason kidds rookie card before he had all of those triple doubles

DSC00799 Jason Kidd 1995 RC

And next is one of Derek jeters rookie cards. Ive watched him since he came up and he hasnt disappointed. Get his cards now while they are at a good price. because as he gets closer to his hall of fame status his card is going to skyrocket.

DSC00800 Derek Jeter 1995

And next is blackest night 3. great story and artwork if you are into comics get into this story. its awesome peeps.

DSC00801 Blackest Night 3

And here is a captain america comic from the reborn series. This is my first issue so i will have to get more information on this one.

DSC00802 Captain America reborn 3

And if you havent heard only built for cuban lynx 2 please do so.  Here is one of my favorite songs Black Mozart.

Pirates Log 87= Mets vs Braves 9/21/2009 + 10 bricks

I went to see the mets play the braves. Once i got there they was already losing 8-1 when i got to the stadium…..lol Eventually the mets fell to the braves 11-3 but i had some awesome seats.  Check out the pics.

DSC00803Mets vs. Braves

DSC00804 Mets vs. Braves

DSC00805 Mets vs. Braves

DSC00806 Theres a gremilin in my pic…lol

DSC00807 Jackie robinson rest in power.

I thought i would add this song from only built for cuban link 2 its a great album give it a listen

Pirates Log 86 The Magic is back+Joakim noah+vintage polo 1992+already home

I took some time off with the posts but im back with more goodies. Here is a magic Johnson card from 91-92

DSC00791 The magic man.

And here is a Joakim Noah rookie card.  Hopefully he continues to have a productive career in the NBA

DSC00792 Joakim Noah Rookie card.

And here is an vintage polo shirt that  has always been pretty cool . The stadium 1992 tee shirt.

DSC00793 Stadium tee shirt 1992.

And last but not least here is a new song by jay-z already home. listen to the lyrics its an awesome song.


Pirates log 85= Larry Legend +Orignal Batman Clips (fight scenes)+Transformer art

Here is a basketball card of Larry bird from 1988-89 His Tenth NBA season.

DSC00788 Larry Bird 1988-89

And here is some fight scenes from the old batman show….lol i can remember these when i was alot younger kapowwww….lol

And here is some more art from the Transformers universe…..enjoy untill the next post one….


P.S. Everyone should have a FLYGIRL in their life……………………Peace.