Pirates Log 78= Benetton racing+gucci hat+Whatever Bitch.


This jacket is part of the Benetton racing line. This is a pretty old piece and the red and green colorway goes with alot of things. Check the pics.

DSC00778 Benetton Racing Jacket.

DSC00779 Benetton racing jacket

And here is another Gucci hat. Im really starting to think fendi and Gucci makes the best accessories when it comes to outfits. Just my two cents.

DSC00777 Gucci hat

And last but not least here is another song from gnarls Barkley. The song is called whatever. People are so predictable these days dont you think? Being alone is nothing new but its cool.

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  1. i think i was going to bid on that. not sure if its the same one on eBay that finished at 19.99 US. smh for passing on it lol

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