Pirates Log 74= New comic additions+Gucci hat+That joke isnt funny anymore.


Another week gone more comic pick-ups. Here are the new additions.

DSC00773 The marvel project 1 variant cover.

DSC00774 Marvel project 1 regular cover.

DSC00775 Tales of the fallen 1

And here is another Gucci hat. I just read an interesting article on gucci and bootlegging. I will be posting it soon. It was interesting to find out that most factories that produce these high ends items the company literally sells the design to another factory overseas thus the birth of a bootleg.  So in the end these company’s are still making money off of the bootlegs.


DSC00771 Gucci hat

The more i venture into the unknown the more i just dont give two shits.  Maybe one day i will who cares im enjoying my existence as a fashionable sea Terrorist.  Check out this song by the smiths.

A few words from our sponsor.

Good news of a long-awaited event will arrive soon.

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