Pirates Log 61=Meyhem Lauren


Meyhem is a queens rapper who has alot of skills when it comes to this rap game.  I remember first hearing his stuff years ago and was like dam that shit is dope. After meeting him i can see his is a rappers, rappers. No gimmicks, no imaginary stories, just straight skills off the top of the head. If you haven’t heard any of his music and are still listening to all of that OTHER stuff on the radio then i will help you find good music right now.

l_9af53d447fff734b69d251182c172831 Mey and Pirate.

l_285850b2612b4259a0dd5ec94c7eb65e Mey and Pirate

l_b8292cebc952feec35d12bbdbe074163 Mey and Pirate.

l_f672103a78f0ed7619a68616374fe1d9 Mey and Pirate.

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