Pirates log 56= von dutch hats+ When the money goes fab version. Dope.


I know everybody remembers Von dutch hats? The trucker hat was a hot item at one point. I think at my peak i had like 30+ plus ive gotten rid of the majority of them. I still keep the ones i got for gifts and for other occasions. Heres what they look like if you need a refresher my peeps.

DSC00740Von Dutch Hats. Trucker

DSC00741More VD hats.

DSC00742Von dutch trucker hats.

Well i seriously don’t know if these items will ever be back in style with every-ones infatuation with ed hardy. Note to people its the same people behind Von dutch if you couldn’t figure it out do some research goggle it to see what I’m talking about.

OK enough of that two year fad here’s a funny thing i found on yahoo answers that i wanted to share about the whole Von dutch thing. hella funny.

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Note to you:
Von Dutch hats, very out. And its not cool for vintage yet. they will think you are just a dumb *** sporting a trend that died almost two years ago.
But since you want one…almost any lil grocery store around the corner sells knock off brands for like ten bucks. i wouldn’t waste you money on a real on cause you are just gonna laughed at the first day you wear it, then throw it in your closet.
  • 3 years ago

OK now here is when the money goes only this version is by fabulous. I actually like jay-Zs version of the song a tad bit better but this one is starting to grow on me check it out.

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