Pirates Log 78= Benetton racing+gucci hat+Whatever Bitch.


This jacket is part of the Benetton racing line. This is a pretty old piece and the red and green colorway goes with alot of things. Check the pics.

DSC00778 Benetton Racing Jacket.

DSC00779 Benetton racing jacket

And here is another Gucci hat. Im really starting to think fendi and Gucci makes the best accessories when it comes to outfits. Just my two cents.

DSC00777 Gucci hat

And last but not least here is another song from gnarls Barkley. The song is called whatever. People are so predictable these days dont you think? Being alone is nothing new but its cool.

Pirates Log 77= Hed Pe rocks.


I had the chance to see hed pe again and it was a hell of a party. It was full of pushing, moshing jumping around like crazy and more fun that i cant even explain. After the show i got to talk to mcud lead singer of hed pe and he was as awesome as ever.  Hey people put a smile on your face things are getting better everyday. Positive energy rules onward.

DSC00768 Pirate and mcud

Pirates Log 76= High School Pirate+Transformer art+Smiley Face.


Yes this is me in high school. Trust me i was surprised to see this pic myself. This pirate should be gald he didnt have to worry about facial hair…lol

6615_1131490242511_1084895805_30349217_4664067_n Pirate at washington irving high school.

Heres some more Transformer art to feast your eyes on always an awesome site.

transformersprey1bTransformer art

And last but not least i got some bad news yesterday about somebody in my life.  I just wish the best for this person and hopes that she never gives up. Adversity is the best education and in all to keep a smile on your face. peace.

Pirates Log 75 Straight Line Stitch

I had the opportunity to meet the band straight line stitch. The lead singer is an amazing talent. They were all very cool to meet and they also autographed a cd and invited me to see them on Sept 27 with Kittie and soil. Check them out when you get a chance or come out to BB kings on  Sept 27 to see them live. peace.

DSC00761 lead singer of straight line stitch.

Pirates Log 74= New comic additions+Gucci hat+That joke isnt funny anymore.

Another week gone more comic pick-ups. Here are the new additions.

DSC00773 The marvel project 1 variant cover.

DSC00774 Marvel project 1 regular cover.

DSC00775 Tales of the fallen 1

And here is another Gucci hat. I just read an interesting article on gucci and bootlegging. I will be posting it soon. It was interesting to find out that most factories that produce these high ends items the company literally sells the design to another factory overseas thus the birth of a bootleg.  So in the end these company’s are still making money off of the bootlegs.

DSC00771 Gucci hat

The more i venture into the unknown the more i just dont give two shits.  Maybe one day i will who cares im enjoying my existence as a fashionable sea Terrorist.  Check out this song by the smiths.

A few words from our sponsor.

Good news of a long-awaited event will arrive soon.

lucky numbers


Pirates Log 73= Mushroomhead/hed pe Gramercy Theatre 7/20/2009

This was a great concert in my eyes. Every band that perfomed was on point. This was the first time i saw mushroomhead live and they were pretty good. I can see where slipknot got some of their ideas in the begining. There was a band there from toyko. They were pretty good.  The guys from straight line stitch were great. Shes an awesome perfomer check them out. Hed pe killed it. The mosh pit was live for about the entire set. It was a big party that didnt stop. Check out the pics. Some of them are blurry between moshing, moving around and going ape shit this was the best shots i could get. Profiles of the groups coming soon to the blog. peace.

DSC00755show highlights

DSC00756Show highlights

DSC00757Show highlights

DSC00758Show highlights

DSC00759show highlights

DSC00760show highlights

DSC00764show highlights


Pirates Log 72=the karate kid end fight+ Transformer art

This is one of the best endings that ive seen. What a kick to the face……lol  More goodies to come…..peace.

Decepticons-20-Swindle Weapons C__scaled_800Transformer animated R.I.P.

Pirates log 71=The Smiths ‘Suffer Little Children’ – animated video+Transform art

The one thing we are missing the family system. It used to be the normal to have a mother and a father, but now it is the in thing to seperate and give up. This is why the younger generation is going straight to the shitter.  This is one thing money cant help or buy a complete family. This is one of the reasons why in the end the human race will fail. We are too concerned with paper that is colored green rather than common sense. When the end comes do not ask why, just accept this as the final chapter in a long overdue book taken out at the library.

megatron14aall hail megatron.

Pirates Log 70=Masters of the universe+Transformer art.

Remember this peeps. He-man dudes…..lol

here is some more transformer art.peace.

transformerstales1c comic art.

Pirates log 69=Big changes ahead for student loans.+ Music to keep you going.

This was a article i was reading and since im in school at the moment this a very important topic for me and tons of my friends. The student loan.

Big changes ahead for student loans

Proposed legislation would provide more federal loans to students and largely cut the private sector out of the lucrative market.

By Kiplinger’s Personal Finance MagazinePrivate lenders are losing the battle over student loans. By this time next summer, they probably will be cut out of the lucrative student lending market, with a handful of them relegated to the role of simply servicing loans made by Uncle Sam.

On July 21, the House Committee on Education and Labor began marking up a bill, introduced by Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., that seeks to eliminate government-subsidized private student lending and replace it with direct loans to students through the Department of Education. 

“This is the biggest change in federal loans for higher education since 1965, when the original program was created,” says Terry Hartle, senior vice president at the American Council on Education.

Sallie Mae, NelNet, American Education Services/PHEAA and Great Lakes Education Loan Services have been awarded loan servicing contracts by the Department of Education. But even with such a contract, the bill means “we would be about half of our size,” says Martha Holler, a spokeswoman for Sallie Mae.


Look for Congress to pass the direct lending plan sometime this fall. The Congressional Budget Office estimates it would save about $87 billion over the next 10 years.

“Among other things, the savings will be used to significantly boost Pell Grant scholarships (need-based grants given to low-income students), to keep interest rates low on need-based federal student loans for years to come, to simplify the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form, to invest in strengthening community colleges,” Rachel Racusen, the deputy communications director of the House Education and Labor Committee, said in an e-mail.

Lenders argue students will suffer

Lenders worry that the savings will be used to plug other budget gaps rather than to fund additional higher education financing. Already, Congress’ plan dramatically would cut the level of Pell Grant entitlements envisioned in the Obama administration’s proposal to address the issue of who should be in the student lending market. Under that plan, less than half the savings would have gone toward that grant measure, with the other money going toward other purposes. 


Meanwhile, many lenders argue that with only direct lending, students would get less in the way of services. “We offer the ability to maintain the diversity needed to keep competition up and pressure on other lenders,” says Christopher Chapman, CEO of Access Group, nonprofit student lender in Wilmington, Del. “We also provide the value-added services,” such as financial education.

Banks have their own turf to protect. The legislation means not only lost profits for banks now, but also a tougher time courting young borrowers in the future. In the past, college loans provided lenders easy entrée to establish a relationship with a future customer.

Video on MSN Money

A Kindle in the backpack © CNBC
A Kindle in the backpack
Amazon.com sees the soaring price of textbooks as an opportunity to cash in, reports CNBC’s Jim Goldman.

An overhaul for schools

For schools, the legislation translates into a major overhaul of their lending programs. Only about a quarter of eligible schools participate in direct government lending. 

“To implement the proposal, about 4,500 schools would have to convert lending systems,” Sallie Mae’s Holler says. “It’s not like putting a different disk in their PC; the whole system has to be reworked.”


This article was reported by Renuka Rayasam for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine.