Pirates Log 50= Been doing this for hella long- 1992 to 2009.


Wow im already on my 50Th blog entry.  Thank you to all the people who take the time on a daily basis to come and visit my blog. The month is winding down but i have exactly 2,236 views  this month which is hella awesome. Well lets get into this entry. I have been wearing polo since 1992. I didn’t really get any real pieces till 1995 . And then in the late 90s i started to get pieces but became bored and started wearing other labels such as iceberg d and g among others. Then once the jersey craze started i put the lo down for a while, I used to still wear it but i was more interested in jerseys. That came and gone and i started to get back into my polo habits. It is a lifestyle for me and always will be. Its what i did when i was a kid in Atlanta as well as a student at Washington Irving. I have seen this game go through its ups and downs and right now i feel that it is down, But this is a natural thing there are young kids now that are putting there own spin on the polo game.  It will come around again where people will still try to obtain those hard to get items the hunt is never truly over………..to be continued…..

l_106d71cd991f0d6836684b47a640cc5090s pirate.

l_e5cb5696d0119de35eb99bc819c0046c90s pirate

l_c2be36a827013682067568099eefdb5a90s pirate.

l_010ed08beeac475e4da1c49e3a4fa06c90s pirate

l_0672245934f334418834ec8024fae9e490 pirate.

l_fd6256cff8d3c0aa559c8983caab29c890s Pirate

And here is a song i used to remember every year i went to the labor day parade on eastern parkway. It was also played at most block parties remember those in crown heights…..timeless.

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