Pirates Log 48=New additions to collections Transformers Comics. New Jay-Z song Tuff.


Well first off to bat i finally got another g1 hotrod from 1986. I really like the colors and designs on this autobot. check out the pic.

DSC00734Hot Rod 1986

And my next pick-up is the fallen from the new transformers movie. since i already own the titanuim verison of him i kinda compared the two. I actually like the new version of hin and on the second hand market he can fetch you as much as 40 bucks. It seems like hes limited also he not in alot of casepacks so get him while you can.

DSC00739The Fallen 2009 edition

And on the comic front i picked up green lantern 44. Its part of the blackest night saga. If you like reading comics this is a good buy. its also worth 10 bucks already and it just came out. check out the cover.

DSC00737Green Lantern 44

And last but not least check out the new jay-z song  Run this town check it out.

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