Pirates Log 44=Old Sneaker collection+ Transformer concept art sideswipe.


I use to collect sneakers back in the day. I had almost every Jordan that came out. Then they started retroing the Jordan’s  and they lost me there. Jordan’s started to come out all time. It was a regular thing after a while  then came jump-mans and then i proceeded to jump out of that crazy jumpman Jordan game. Here are my some of my old sneakers.

l_469d2f4705d4d143577b1ae194487732Old Sneakers

l_9bbe61d5d3812030ce01ab701f9f2eeaOld Sneakers

And here is the autobot sideswipe in all his Transformer glory.

080923_SideSwipe_Pose04_JN-printSideswipe concept art.

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