Pirates Log 43=Pirate back in college the first time 1995. +The king Transformer.


One of my good friends that i went to college with back in 1995 had some pics of the pirate that i thought didn’t exist. If i knew how everything would have turned out i should have got my associates years ago oh well i guess. I finally got my associates earlier this year my BA is next up for me. Here are the pics.

6128_111509696985_559751985_2694777_2707835_nPirate 1995-96 at moville.

6128_111509776985_559751985_2694790_5948753_nPirate 1995-96 with peeps at moville.

And here is something i came across a pic of the king character from the burger king ads only hes a Transformer now. Hella cool pic….lol

BKBroilerBot_Rough4_JoshNizzi_900The King.

And Last but not least here is The song I’ve been listening to for a while now. if the money goes by jay-z

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