Pirates Log 41= Watches that transform.


As you can tell i collect alot of things and one of the things i like the most is og transformer watches. I can remember being hella young wearing these watches. Some of these watches came out the same time the transformers started to come out. I think its the coolest thing is to take your watch off and transform it. I also have a well known robot that is made up of five lions and carry’s a big sword. Lets see if you can guess who it is. peace.

l_5c5fbc3dca974bcbbb566a302f22beedTakara robot watch.

l_43e03f466c534a5aabe11df29626f194Go bot robot watch.

l_c5840469ff6049e8b6a720a2197722e2Voltron Robot watch.

l_646244afa144404bab2cf97c6d811959Robot Watch Group Photo..lol

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