Pirates Log 40= Pradas + rompin shop


Well I’m at the point in my life where traditional sneakers don’t do it for me. So i started to get into my luxury sneaker/shoe phase. My Top choice at the moment is prada shoes and sneakers. While i think the America’s cup prada are getting old as far as style wise prada offers a wide range of different sneakers and shoes to choose from. I’m starting to like more sneakers and shoes form fendi and Gucci at the moment, so this review is for the time being. here are some of the styles i have in my stash.

DSC00723Prada Style 1

DSC00724Prada Style 2

DSC00725Prada Style 3

DSC00726Prada Style 4

DSC00727Prada Style 5

DSC00728Prada Style 6

DSC00729Prada Style 7

DSC00730Prada Style 8

And here is something for all my dancehall peeps you know what goes on when this comes on slow dagger

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