Pirates Log 38= Shadows Fall


I had the chance to meet the guys from the band shadows fall some years ago. They were very cool to be around. We had beers talked shit and just had a awesome time.  Makes me wonder how did my life got so hella normal after a while……….

l_9a1472def6556ee62e5e83a8162f7551Pirate with lead singer Brian flair of shadows fall.

And here is one of there videos if you are not familiar with the band.

Pirates Log 37=MADFLOW TV…-SHOW-#3-/-PHILLY HIPHOP SHOW+ Revenge of the fallen concept art


This is avideo show where they showcase talent in different cities. Good looking on the polopirate shout out on the end of the video. Keep doing your thing peeps.

And here is the third bike from revenge of the fallen also named arcee in the movie.

53_71646_22d8ec7f8bb6b4aArcee the third.