Pirates Log 35= Divine Bradley


This is one positive brother. The man has a mission hopefully people will get behind what he is doing for inner-city kids as well as kids around the country. Take a minute and read more about him and his mission. And if you are interested in the movement Google him and see what you can do to join the cause.

l_3d989cac207d03da0178fd1610d41213Pirate with divine and peeps.

Also check out this information on D.B.

Divine Bradley

Executive Director and Founder of Team Revolution and 2007

At 25, Divine Bradley is a Renaissance man: social entrepreneur, motivational speaker, team trainer, community leader, fundraiser, award winner, producer, recording artist, marketing consultant and Executive Director of Team Revolution, a non-profit youth leadership and community service organization he founded in 2000, when he was seventeen. Divine is the founding CEO of BE IT, LLC, and Role “model” of Polo Ralph Lauren’s G.I.V.E. campaign (Get Involved. Volunteer. Exceed) and is a subject of the critically acclaimed and award-winning documentary, The Hip Hop Project, executive produced by Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah.

Divine’s passion, vision, and perseverance inspire widely diverse youth and adults alike. He encourages people of all ages to follow their own paths, embrace the creative spirit of entrepreneurship, and live according to the core values of service and giving, interdependence and self-reliance, open-mindedness and courage.

After losing friends and family, dabbling in inner city street life, and enduring the horrific murder of a close friend, Divine dropped out of high school and took control of his destiny. At that critical point where countless young men and women are often lost, Divine decided that his life mattered even if others told him otherwise; he determined that he would be part of the solution, not the problem.


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