Pirates Log 32= El Da Sensei


Another day at work another example of the groundhog day effect.  This cant be life, and if it is im ready to be six-feet deep. Anyways i had the opportunity to me El DA sensei on a couple of occasions. As you may know he was in a group called the artifacts.  Its cool to meet people that were making music in your era. Im kinda tuned out to most of the new stuff that is coming out  in the hip-hop game. The Artifacts were very creative with there rhythm content back in 1994, some rappers should take some notes….

l_a1376488c4f24154ae57a497d1a6fe6c Pirate and El DA sensei.

l_7948b8dc669861f37ab75917802b4aafPirate and El DA sensei group pic.

And here is one of the artifacts videos if you dont remember them real hip-hop peace.

Artifacts – Wrong Side of da Tracks

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