Pirates Log 26=Revenge of the Fallen Devastator Concept Art, optimus prime target exculsive and recent comic pic up. and lets not forget a new megatron pic.


Here is some more concept art from revenge of the fallen

dev1Devastator from revenge of the fallen.

Also here is another pic of mega tron from a upcoming comic release. This is also a variant cover.

LFCC_2009_Exclusive_Print_by_Caliber316Megatron varient cover

Also on the toy front i managed to get my hands on a target exclusive optimus prime Titanium series

DSC00702Titanium optimus prime only at target exclusive

and on the comic front my impluse buy of the week is new avengers 6. What makes this comics special is that only 50 of this cover was produced. its only worth 20 bucks but its a nice cover nontheless.

DSC00704New avengers 6 variant cover.

As for music my song for the weekend is from warrior king shuba shuba have a great weekend peeps.

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