Pirates log 10 New Old clothes r.i.p. m.j. Fab 5 rocks.


Well im not one to get emtional with peoples deaths. I remember seeing my grandfather dead on the floor. The paramedics tried to bring him back but it was too late. M>J> was great but i really tuned out pop music years ago. MJ is in a better place. One another note im really starting to hate people as a whole. There are too many plastic people that im getting into contact with.  If you are going to be fake or want to play games leave me the fuck alone period……ahhhhhh i feel better. On a brighter note i picked up a new piece of used clothing take a look peeps.

DSC00685P_wing Short sleeve

and while you are looking at this great piece of clothing click the youtube video below to listen to the shirts soundtrack straight from 1996. Boot camp is awesome.

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