Pirates log 15= Wize Crack Brick city.


Well if you really know me i have no use for the current mainstream hip-hop game i usually listen to things that was made years ago. But i like wize cracks material. Hes a underground rap act that is doing his thing. continued success bro. peace. Good looks on the shout out in the video.

Pirates Log 14= Confederations Cup Final 2009 USA vs Brazil (3-2)


The US Played a good game but they didnt have the stamina at the end to beat the Seleção Brasileira, but good try nonetheless.

Pirates Log 12 Belts on a hot sunday afternoon.

Pirate again. here we have a picture of my belts. Mostly vintage gucci 70s to early90s. I like the look of the older belts dont get me wrong the new ones are hella dope also. Here is a piece of your outfit that always should be correct.  After a night of drinking with friends wine is such a slow killer…lol i felt like not waking up, but another day in the books another blog has been processed. Have an awesome sunday people. cheers.


Pirates log 10 New Old clothes r.i.p. m.j. Fab 5 rocks.

Well im not one to get emtional with peoples deaths. I remember seeing my grandfather dead on the floor. The paramedics tried to bring him back but it was too late. M>J> was great but i really tuned out pop music years ago. MJ is in a better place. One another note im really starting to hate people as a whole. There are too many plastic people that im getting into contact with.  If you are going to be fake or want to play games leave me the fuck alone period……ahhhhhh i feel better. On a brighter note i picked up a new piece of used clothing take a look peeps.

DSC00685P_wing Short sleeve

and while you are looking at this great piece of clothing click the youtube video below to listen to the shirts soundtrack straight from 1996. Boot camp is awesome.

Pirates log 8= The Bottom line

This is shaping up to be a great week. Last week we  had a monsoon of a rainstorm and as you would know it my trusty ipod ceased to stop working becasue of water damage. Now my trusty phone appears to be on its last legs. My charger was working like a champ until i woke up and it seems that my phone adapater has a SHORT. And then when i ventured out to find a charger of course they have every charger execpt the one i need. Looks like im going to get a iphone or blackberry but knowing me i will probably break that too…….lol

Pirates log 6 Revenge of the fallen

Well i finally got to offically see the new transformer movie. well before i get into any particulars about the movie i did have time to kill so i went to the Toys r us to see the transformer display.



So after i took a look at the displays i took a break charged my phone and made my way to the linclon thearte. AND i was met with a line of tons of fellow TF fans.



OK so now heres my take of the movie. Considering i am a real fan of the brand i really liked the movie. There was more robots, more robot interaction. Optimus kicks ass, of course he gets beat up but from my point of view he gave out more than he received. I think they could of did a little bit more with the fallen character. Optimus makes short work of him in his powerup form and almost takes off megatrons face.  My favorite robot in the movie was wheelie he was a crazy little bot. The twins also had there moments but most of the decepticons in the movie bit the bullet, some in spectacular form. Optimus killing grindor. Megatron initally killing off optimus. Entire fight scene in the woods with optimus. Bumblebee fighting ravage and another robot. Sideswipe killing off a deceptcion by cutting him in half while hes trying to escape in his alt form. Final battle scene poor arcee bot pink.  Hey if you like the robots in disquise give the movie a chance, if you are that serious uptight movie person dont even bother this is not academy award material but it is a great summer action movie.